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Demonstrations and Entertainment – Our talented glass artists bring the hottest show in the valley right to your doorstep. A dynamic show of creative intensity awaits your audience. Watch as we craft beautiful glass objects as we engage the patrons with lecture and information to help guide their visual experience. Glassblowing is mesmerizing like a dance the motion and craft is hypnotizing. Aided with explanation and history of glass making as well as antidotal story telling we can entertain your audience all day. We Bring The Heat!

Teaching & Workshops – Do you have a group that would be interested in getting their hands hot and experiencing glass working personally? We can provide a hands-on learning environment for your first Highway Hotshop event. Whether your group is is new to glass working or experienced artisans, our trained artists/instructors can put together an appropriate class for any group. We can create an age specific curriculum as well. Classes can be designed as introductory and last as little as fifteen minutes or can be scheduled over multiple days to create in-depth learning experiences. Please contact us for further information.

Corporate Events - We are prepared to organize unforgettable glass-themed events as well as auctions, dinners, meet and mingle and fundraising opportunities for your business. Did we mention TEAM BUILDING? A glass studio crew can be anywhere from two to eight people collaborating on a single piece of art. How about making your own achievement awards? Many possibilities to interact with something truly outside the box await your company.

Art Festival Vendors – Do you organize art shows or other artisan events? Our studio is ready to draw patrons to your event like moths to a flame. We are a unique vendor in that we generate attendance and have a substantial following and support base. Not only will your patrons be able to watch art being made in one of the most visually stunning shows, but the artwork being created will be available for retail sale as well.

Studio Rental – Skilled glass artists (at our discretion) can request to have our studio on site for their personal use. Please take a look at our web page The Phoenix for technical details and equipment list.

Pricing - Please contact us for a quote and to discuss options. We encourage bookings for two days of actual working. We have some creative solutions in regards to this matter, so please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Lead-time - Our response to enquires is generally same day. Depending on availability we can be scheduled one week in advance.

Site requirements - Our Studio needs to be on site 24 hours in advance of the planned event to allow proper time for the glass to reach working temperatures. Also, the studio needs to be in place for a minimum of 12 hours after the event to allow the artwork made during that event to cool down safely.



Please Email for price and avaliablity.

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