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This page is devoted to technical information regarding the physical qualities of the mobile hotshop which we call The Phoenix.

The Mobile Hotshop is a flat bed trailer which has been modified to house three specific pieces of equipment; a glass furnace, glory hole and annealing oven.

For delivery: The trailer can fit through a 7 foot wide opening and needs a 7 and half foot high clearance. A shade structure is needed to keep the sun off the workers. If your location lacks appropriate sun coverage we have a customed tent structure pictured to the left. Set up takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on equipment requiered and weather or not the store front section is involved. tear down takes about 2 to 3 hours. Also the furnace takes approxiamatly 15 hours to get to working temperature.

New: we now have the ability to remotly monitor the tempreature and space around the studio over night via a wifi network.


Drawings, Diagrams and Statistics


Furnace – Propane powered, with a freestanding crucible that holds approximately 80 pounds of glass. The threshold/ door is a round 10” port. We use a Venturi system and can supply five 22 gallon portable propane tanks. While idling the furnace will use 12-15 gallons of propane per day.

Glory Hole – Propane powered, 13” x 19” interior, fiber frax lined hole with a castable floor.  Our retention ring has a 12” opening and the doors are actuated by a single manual lever. In combination with the furnace use an 8 hour working day will use approximately 25 gallons of propane.

Annealing Oven – Internal dimensions are 20” x 26” x 20” with a 20 x 20 shelf. Electrically powered, 4 kilowatts, and computer controlled.   We run on two separate 120VAC circuits with 20 amp service.  One line powers a single Duralite element in the oven plus our GB4 controller, safety solenoids and lighting as well as misc. electric equipment unless a third circuit is available.  The second line is dedicated to running two Duralite elements in the oven. The Thermocouple is a "K type". Although not ideal we have run on a dedicated generator in close proximety.

GB4 by Digitry – computer controller operates our annealing oven as well as our furnace. We can program up to fifteen steps per unit. (see their web site for details on programming the computer -




Pipe Warmer – A small, stand-alone unit powered by a 5 gallon propane tank.  

Marver Table – 30” x 24” steel table with 3/4” steel plate top.  The marver is on wheels and has extra storage space below it.

Gaffer’s Bench – A typical glassblower’s bench with adjustable feet and detachable tool bench.

Trailer – The Highway Hotshop is built onto a 7’ x 14’ single-axle trailer.  The height of our studio is 85”.  We require a space roughly 25’ by 20’ in which to set up the studio.

Miscellaneous tools such as jacks, tweezers, shears and optic molds as well as a six inch ladle and 20lbs of Nickel Slag sand for casting are available.

Propane Gas – The Highway Hotshop runs on high pressure propane (LP gas).  There are several options for fuel delivery and storage.  Short duration events will most likely require several 100-pound tanks which we can supply.  For longer duration events, a larger propane tank is preferred due to better gas pressure during operation as well as potentially better cost through efficiency.  Please contact us to talk further about arranging delivery of propane to your event site.

(Photo to left) Front end of the Phoenix. The Glory hole has an interior dimensions of approximately 13 inches diameter and 20 inches in depth.

(photo to right) Adam Frus Gathering out of Furnace. Our furnace holds approximately 80 pounds of molten glass and takes 15 to18 hours to reach operating temperatures from a cold start. This does not guaranty glass quality. Type and quality of glass being melted will ultimately determine glass quality. In test firings thus far using Seattle Batch Glass Culet and Spectrum 96 nuggets, a nightly charge with a one hour hold time at 2100 degrees Ferrite resulted in a relative clean bubble free melt. Furnace behaves extremely well and holds temperature with out fluctuating especially when single source propane tank is available. Propane use amounts may change due to various conditions currently we are estimating 22 gallons of propane a day. We both find it easy to gather out of furnace and no pipe cooler is needed. Because the Dudley Gibbons burner head is positioned below the crucible rim there is little over heating or blow out of the furnace door.  
Image below is of the gas line structure. Both the Furnace and Glory Hole run off of Propane and use venturi type apparatus to achieve target temperatures. The furnace is operated by a pre-set low fire point and a high fire point controlled by our GB4 computer controller and a Red Hat solenoid valve switch. We currently have an override safety system if furnace gets too hot, that will shut down the gas line as well. There are two gas lines to accommodate different propane tank configuration. We can isolate the glory hole from the furnace or run both off of one source.    







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