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December 30th 2014


It been a while since I have added anything to this section. Originally the idea was to have a regular blog, as well as, a twitter update. Obviously, the amount of work that requires is more then I could do my self. Perhaps someone more suited to the task would come forward and offer such a service.  Really the updating of important information is on the calendar page.

Perhaps this would be a better forum for a year end update a look back at the year, as well as, a look forward to plans and goals.

The last year saw a number of great venues early in the year but nothing to speak of in the second half.  In the month of March it seemed I was somewhere every weekend with the mobile unit. An incredible event opportunity and the farthest trip yet taken with the unit took us to Sedona and Kuivato Glass Gallery. It was such a pleasure to work with my long time college friend Greg Fidler and the extraordinary glass blower Kenny Pieper. We had a blast and made some great new connections. 

Another great venue that turned out  inviting us twice last spring was the Paradise Valley Community College.   We taught two separate workshops and made product. It seems the community college and David Bradley the head of the ceramic s program would love to have a small glass program as well.

A quick trip to Anthem for their Anthem Days festival was well attended. We taught on the spot, sign up classes making your own ornament or flower. It was a great location under the large gazebo. Thankfully there was not too much wind.

By far our favorite host thus far has been Arcosanti. Just 40 minutes north of Phoenix and home to a small community of architects artists, and amazing people we were invited for the second time to be apart of an incredible weekend event which included an Italian music and cultural festival. Jordan and I took advantage of this event to make Italian goblets.

Then summer came and I really didn’t push the idea of finding any new venues. My personal work was in demand and so started using the Phoenix (the official name of the Highway Hotshop trailer) for use in my private studio. Mainly I have been using the glory hole to make work.

Upcoming shows that I am exploring include a show at the end of January in Old Town Scottsdale in the parking lot of the glass gallery and open studio Beyond the Torch. I have been working with Sheila Olason to develop a plan for bringing in students, as well as, customers primarily from visiting tourist in town for the Supper Bowl. Of particular interest is the plan to build a mold to make glass footballs.

Also I have been in talk with some other schools about running programs for the students. Mostly high school aged work. I have a feeling we will be adding more venues soon. Please stay in touch and come see us when were out.

March 20, 2013


It has been a whirl-wind of activity for the HH this month. Many plans have been discussed and formalized. Tonight we set up the studio on the waterfront in Scottsdale, as part of the Canal Convergence and as a member of the Artesian Market. We are going to try a few new things at this four day event. We will be offering  on-site sign-up blow-slots for $40.00  to make a flower or an ornament.

Other events we booked and are looking forward to include a private performance for PetSmart, which is based here in Phoenix. They are having a renaissance themed employee party on the 25th of April. This will be fun, I am sure, and a good opportunity for us to explore the period costume and  craft associated with these popular festivals. Pictures to come.

Also we have an agreement with local private school Tesseract, to be a part of their summer program. We will be offering two classes over the course of two weeks. The classes will be in the mornings to take advantage of the cooler weather. We will be working with middle school students and then high school students. We are really looking forward to developing and working through a youth based curriculum.

HH is looking for more summer gigs out of the valley. Our dream would be to blow glass on the beach in California but blowing glass somewhere in the cool air of the mountains in Arizona would work too. If you have any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.

February 8, 2013


I have been amazed to see some of the other mobile glass studio’s out there. And I am hoping to connect with them and create a list of studios doing the same thing as the Highway Hotshop.  If you know of any shops please let me know. I am very interested in cataloging all the shops. Contact me at info@highwayhotshop.com

November 16, 2009

Highway Hotshop Hits the Road and Heads to “Green Streets” event in Scottsdale
We are pleased to announce that Highway Hotshop: Arizona’s Mobile Glass Blowing Studio, has hit the road and made its first debut at downtown Scottsdale’s recent environmentally focused “Green Streets” event in early November. It was celebrated and received well by those who attended.

First Showing of Studio Green Street in Scottsdale 11/12/2009

We have finished building and mounting the shop and look forward to firing it up at some of the Valley’s upcoming events, listed below:

Desert Botanical Gardens – Monday, February 15 – Friday, February 19– offering demonstrations and teaching classes. Save your spot today – spaces limited. Log on to www.dbg.org for more information.
Joshua and Adam on TV!

Stay tuned for more updates on our travels!

Thank you for all of your interest and support!


Now that we have the material equipment in hand Highway Hotshop seems like much more of a reality. This week Adam and I will be devoting some time to working on the set up and initial testing of equipment. In particular is the GB5 computer controller we bought which will run the furnace as well as the annealing oven. This is a great unit and I am particularly happy to have it. Glass artists designed it and I have been using them for over twenty years. – As some of you know we have been in contact with the Phoenix Botanic Gardens and are pleased to say that we are on their schedule for the second week of February 2010. We are still working out the details but the idea is that we will offer demonstrations, lessons and produce wares for the gift store. – Our first public venue however, is slated for November 12th this will be on a Thursday night during the art walk in Old Town Scottsdale. It will correspond with the Green Street event being put on by the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. We will be setting up on the side walk just off of Marshall way. – Fundraising has largely been through the pre-sale of glass blowing lessons to be held once were hot. We are desperately in need of additional funding to continue building and developing the studio. We are considering all investment opportunities and would love to hear from you regarding ways you may contribute and be a part of this exciting new enterprise. Of course we are still taking reservations for teaching classes, but would also like to encourage you to consider buying glass art right now. This will allow us more time to work on the studio. – We welcome any and all inquires and still believe that the Highway Hotshop is going to be a catalyst for the arts here in Phoenix.



Arizona Mobile Glass Studio: Update
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Adam and I have returned from California and are pleased to announce that we have purchased the equipment for the mobile hot shop. I want to thank all of you who helped us with money either through direct donation or were able to sign up for future classes. Our plan is to light up the equipment sometime in October and be fully running and ready for shows in November. We are just about ready to release our business plan and prospectus for bookings for additional fund raising. On our drive out to Los Angeles Adam and I had much time to talk and we came up with a new name for the mobile hot shop business. Highway Hotshop. We think it is catchy and hope you like it too.

Highway Hotshop: We Bring the Heat!



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